Other Organizations & Charities that Support the Cause

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Note: The individuals and organizations listed below are not in any way affiliated with this website.

Conservation Organizations & Charities:

  • LionAid - Lion Conservation & Education Charity
  • Born Free Foundation - Conservation & Education Charity
  • Humane Society International - International Animal Protection Organization
  • PETA - People for the ethical treatment of animals
  • Gareth Patterson - Author and conservationist
  • Jane Goodall Institute - A global nonprofit that empowers people to make a difference for all living things
  • Wild Heat Foundation - A non-political and multicultural registered non-profit organization, that is dedicated to raising awareness on behalf of the wild animals of Africa.
  • Walking For Lions - The voice for all the Lions in Africa.
  • Global March for Lions - Worldwide demonstration held on Friday 13th March 2015 to raise awareness for the plight of lions.
  • Blood Lions Official Facebook Page - A campaign that aims to bring an end to canned hunting and the exploitative breeding of lions and other predators on farms across South Africa.
  • Lion Whisperer SA Facebook - The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary transforms the way humans think, interact and behave toward the keeping of large carnivores.

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