Information About the End Trophy Hunting Website

What is goal of the End Trophy Hunting website?

This website is a project aimed at creating awareness about the sport of trophy hunting. The aim of the site is not to target the individual hunters who choose to participate in the sport, but to rather tackle the global issue by raising awareness, educating people and providing information that is relevant to the cause. The sport of trophy hunting is not illegal, so one has to bear in mind that people have a right to choose, and if someone chooses to hunt, then it is their right to do so. We are not out to attack the hunter, we are just here to act as a voice for the animals. To simply ban trophy hunting across the world we understand is a complex issue. People depend on the business to earn a living, but maybe this to we can address, and maybe offer solutions. To simply say "stop the sport" is not going to work. To change the situation for the good of both parties, we need to be able to talk to the hunters without anger or hate. There will always be those who are aggressive on both sides of the fence, but we need to try win this "battle" by focussing on constructive ways to bring about change, or we both lose in the end.